Wednesday, 7 September 2011

We all have grown tired from windows 7 official look, The way it boot up, the start button, and the logo screen etc. And this bored look encourage you to get a new upgrade of Windows 7 but its not available yet however the windows 8 evolution version have been introduced but who wish to check out a evaluation copy.
Though you could try officially developed or 3rd party windows theme but they would not give you the real feel of your excitement cause your expectations are even more in comparison of those fucquing theme designers mind, Well i’d like to introduce something parallel to your expectations, After applying this Jarvis look theme you would say how i read your mind without even asking about your choice.
The Jarvis concept is adopted from Iron Man, As we all have seen Tony shark using an entirely fledged computing machine called Jarvis in the movie. So the theme would give you the closest Jarvis experience.
Real Pic of My desktop after installing Jarvis Upgrade on My Desktop-
If you are familiar to Themes customization then obviously you have heard of Deviant Art because they are the market leader as well as this great upgrade is also from Deviant Art
You need to Follow few simple steps to get the Jarvis Upgrade on Your Operating System. They are-
RainMeter Framework is evolved by Deviant Art, Click on the above given link to download this tool, After finishing download; Install the framework it would take some time but when the installation process is finished, Now you need to download the Jarvis Skin, This skin actually works through the RainMeter Framework in your system.
Through the above given link download the Jarvis skin, when you download is finished, now just double click on the file, here you’re done. To give a clean Jarvis effect set a total black background on your desktop, this will help you to get real feel of this virtual theme. Setup widgets as per your choice and plz do not forget to restart your computer first.


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