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Hi Friends.How are you?Many of friends asked me the question “Why the high end games and HD games hang their handsets”?Why can’t they play HD games in their Budget smartphones?The reason behind all this is RAM of their handsets.Companies like Micromax,Intex ,Lava,Karbon and many more have provided budget smartphones with a limited amount of RAM that is used by the operating system and the apps that come preinstalled with the handsets.So there is not sufficient amount of RAM left that the games can use.That is why their handsets hang.

So what’s the solution of the problem.The solution is just free up your RAM or just increase it upto that amount which is more than sufficient for the games to use.So this our today’s topic “How to increase RAM in Android | How to play HD games in Micromax”.
You guys must be thinking “Does it really work”? But believe me it really works.I have tried in my own device and many more.I have realised that the devices which are using Mediatek Chipset are found to be working 99% on this trick.
I have tried it in the following devices
Micromax A52
Micromax A45
Micromax A87
Xperia Tipo
Micromax Funbook

So if your handset is hanging with games and running on Android 2.2+ you can have a go at this trick.If you find the trick working on your hansets
please reply me in the comments section.I will add that device with your name.
The first and the most important one is that you need a rooted device to perform the trick.If you device is not rooted the trick will not work for you.If you don’t know how to root your device check out the following links.
Root Micromax A45,Root Micromax A100,Root Micromax A116,Root Galaxy Fit.If you are using some other device please drop down a comment below.I will try to provide that guide to you.
Download the following BusyBox from here,Ram Increaser from here,Swapper from here.
Copy all the files in your sdcard.
First Method To Increase RAM In Android
Firstly install the Busy Box apk.
After installing it open it .Allow superuser if requested.
Afterwords look at the bottom of screen.there will be an install button.Click on that button.
Now install the RAM increaser which was previously downloaded.No neeed to open it.
Then go to your home screen .Long Press there>Add Widget>Choose the newly installed app widget.
Now it is just like a one click button for you.just click on it to free up your RAM.So before the start of any game always click that button.

If your game still hangs and you want to have some more RAM so you could opt for the second procedure also.
Second Method To Increase RAM In Android
Firstly install the Busy Box apk .
After that open busybox apk and click on the install button located near end of apk screen.
Now install the Swapper which was previously downloaded.
Just open the app.Allow the superuser permission.
Tick Active Swap on Boot.
Enter the size in box.According to me Enter 360 mb if you have 2gb memory card,520 mb for 4 gb sd card,840 for 8 gb sd card.
Click Save.
Now it will create swap file in your sd card for which it will take some time.So have patience.After process is done Deselect “Active Swap on Boot”.
Click Save and close the app.
Again open the app.Again click on “Active Swap on Boot”.
It will now show you “Enabling Swap”.If it does show this Voila you have successfully created Swap file and Now your memory card will be used as Extra RAM.

Now you have enough RAM in your to play HD games.So just go for it and get the full out of your smartphone.This was a simple trick on “How to increase RAM In Android | How to play HD games in Micromax”.

If you liked the post post please share it with your friends.For any doubts regarding the trick you can just drop down a comment below and I will reply to as soon as possible.

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  1. Whenever ram values are typed and tryto save the swapper crashes firce to close


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